Thesis: Retail Marketing Techniques

Sample Thesis Paper

Retail marketing techniques also include the establishment of systems that take advantage of any opportunity that they can come across to turn a prospective consumer into a loyal consumer. Measures to meet objectives such as these included the setting up of automated answering machines that late consumers can call on to acquire basic information about the outlet and any particulars they are interested in. Automated answering machines can also be used to briefly advertise any special offers that are currently being run and can refer prospective consumers to other channels through which they can find out more about the retail outlet, its products and its services.

Retail marketing also incorporates techniques that make the consumer feel comfortable about the retail establishment no matter how minor those techniques may appear to be. As a measure to do exactly so, retail marketers also attempt to acquire toll-free phone numbers that they can print on their brochures, flyers and business cards. This allows them to give their consumers a memory-friendly phone number that they can retain easily.

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